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Scripts for monitoring Linux with Zabbix
# Scripts and config for monitoring Linux with Zabbix
This is a `zabbix_agentd` configuration that allows for disk device discovery and monitoring of disk activity. It is heavily based on [Dennis Kanbier's great work](
## Usage
1. Clone the repository into `/etc/zabbix/` directory on the server you whish to monitor.
1. Add a `zabbix_agentd.conf.d/local.server.conf`, or `zabbix_agentd.conf.d/local.serveractive.conf`, or any other `zabbix_agentd.conf.d/local.*.conf` file containing local-specific config
1. import the templates from `templates/` directory
## Original, updated with new directory structure
These scripts can be used to extend the Linux monitoring capabilities of Zabbix.
Most of them are writtin in Perl. When I have time I'll write an implementation example on [my weblog]( for each script.
Please check out the README pages in the specific directories for more information.
Directory structure
* zabbix-linux/LLD: Used for low-level discovery scripts
* zabbix-linux/UserParameters: Used for custom Zabbix keys
* zabbix-templates: Used for ready-to-use Zabbix Templates
### Directory structure
* scripts/: Used for low-level discovery scripts
* zabbix_agentd.conf.d/: Used for custom Zabbix keys, including the UserParameters required for disk LLD to work (filenames starting with `local` will be ignored by git)
* templates/: Used for ready-to-use Zabbix Templates
More information
Please visit [my weblog]( "JBoss and Zabbix") for more information.
### More information
BTC: 15vzZ9jCW5GfqbDmB1hpWDWf5uaj7Neabv
Please visit [Dennis Kanbier's weblog]( "JBoss and Zabbix") and his [original `zabbix-linux` project on GitHub]( for more information.
Low-level discovery scripts
# Low-level discovery scripts
These scripts are intended to be used by the Zabbix Agent to enable low-level discovery of host items in Zabbix.
Scripts and usage
* - [Low-level discovery of disk devices](
## Scripts and usage
If you need further assistance using the script, feel free to drop me a message!
* - [Low-level discovery of disk devices](
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UserParameter files
To enable the checks within these files, place them in the "include" directory of the Zabbix Agent.
# Zabbix include config files
On RHEL systems this is usually /etc/zabbix/zabbix-agentd.d/
This directory contains include files for `zabbix_agentd` config; specifically, it contains the `userparameter_linux_disks.conf` file that contains `UserParameter` definitions required for disk auto-discovery on Linux.
All filenames in this direcotry that start with `local` will be ignored by git. This is to allow fine-tuning the configuration (for instance, by providing a `Server` or `ServerActive` setting).
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