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Instruct to give tls-fingerprint and api-key as env-vars.

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......@@ -21,7 +21,7 @@ You need `docker`, obviously. So first, [go and install it](https://docs.docker.
$ git clone
$ docker build -t 'webschlocker3' webschlocker3/
$ docker run --rm --name webschlocker-test --link schlocker-test -e WEBSCHLOCKER_CONFIG_SCHLEUDERD_URI="http://schlocker-test:4443/" webschlocker3
$ docker run --rm --name webschlocker-test --link schlocker-test -e WEBSCHLOCKER_CONFIG_API_HOST="schlocker-test" -e WEBSCHLOCKER_CONFIG_TLS_FINGERPRINT="fingerprint_from_schlocker_output" -e WEBSCHLOCKER_CONFIG_API_KEY="api_key_given_also_to_schlocker" webschlocker3
By default `schleuder-web` listens on port `3000` (you can change this by setting `$WEBSCHLOCKER_BIND_PORT` docker envvar) and will inform you about the IP address it is running on in the output.
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