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......@@ -27,12 +27,12 @@ The `NGINX_VERSION` build argument controls the `nginx` package version that is
- `DHPARAM_FILE` (default: "`/etc/ssl/nginx/dhparam.pem`")
these control the locations where the `` script expects to find the `nginx` pidfile, the file to watch for logrotate signalling, and the SSL DH parameters files; these should reflect `nginx` config.
- `NGINX_PACKAGE` (default: "`nginx`")
- `NGINX_VERSION` (default: "`1.13*`")
- `NGINX_PACKAGE` (default: "`nginx`")
- `NGINX_VERSION` (default: "`1.13*`")
Name of Nginx package to install, and version of it. If the package name is exactly `nginx`, it is installed from official Nginx repositories; otherwise it is installed from Debian repositories. Backports repository is supported in the latter case the same way as in `INSTALL_PACKAGES` (see below).
- `INSTALL_PACKAGES` (default: empty)
- `INSTALL_PACKAGES` (default: empty)
Space-separated list of packages to be installed upon building the container. All packages are installed with `--no-install-recommend` flag passed to `apt-get`.
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