Commit 29d1d44e authored by Silvio Rhatto's avatar Silvio Rhatto
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Merge branch 'develop'

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......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ install_bin:
$(INSTALL) -D --mode=0755 keyringer $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/bin/keyringer
$(INSTALL) -D --mode=0644 index.mdwn $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(PACKAGE)/README
$(INSTALL) -D --mode=0644 index.mdwn $(DESTDIR)/$(PREFIX)/share/doc/$(PACKAGE)/
......@@ -99,3 +99,4 @@ References
* [Generating pristine tarballs from git repositories](
* [Debian Packaging](
* [Debian Upstream Guide](
* [DanielKahnGillmor/preferred_packaging - Debian Wiki](
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