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This is a dockerized [Uniqush]( setup. This [Debian]( image only contains Uniqush -- as per docker philosophy, a `redis` server has to be run separately; the [`redis` docker image]( might be a good choice.
## Running using `docker-compose`
An example `docker-compose.yml` file is provided, allowing to run a complete setup (Uniqush, Redis) with a single infocation of:
docker-compose up
You should see output that contains an IP address of the Uniqush container, for example:
uniqush_1 | +-- IP addresses of the container:
uniqush_1 |
You can verify that `uniqush-push` is running by pointing your web browser at ``. You should see something like:
uniqush-push 2.1.0
Connection to Redis database can be verified by pointing the browser at ``. The expected output is:
If you get output as below, it means that the Redis database is not available:
{"services":{},"errorMsg":"GetServiceNames: Could not get services from redis: dial tcp: lookup redis on no such host","code":"UNIQUSH_ERROR_DATABASE"}
## Configuration and operation
By default `$UNIQUSH_USER` is created with with `$UNIQUSH_UID` (if provided), in `$UNIQUSH_GROUP` with `$UNIQUSH_GID` (if provided); `/usr/bin/uniqush-push` daemon is then run as this user and group.
version: "2"
context: ./
# this is the default, but let's be explicit here
- redis
image: redis
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -189,6 +189,10 @@ else
echo "+-- config file found in '$UNIQUSH_CONFIG_PATH', ignoring \$UNIQUSH_WEBFRONTEND_ADDR, \$UNIQUSH_DATABASE_*, \$UNIQUSH_LOG* envvars"
# get the IP addresses of the container
echo "+-- IP addresses of the container:"
ip -4 addr show scope global | grep inet | sed -r -e 's%inet.? (.+)/[0-9]{2,}.+%\1%'
# start the darn thing
echo "+-- executing as user $UNIQUSH_USER:"
echo " $*"
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