Commit 8df69d57 authored by dinkel's avatar dinkel
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Merge pull request #2 from xuhdev/owner

Change the owner of the files in /var/lib/ldap to openldap and run sladp as openldap
parents 8638ea5a 8c0efb2d
......@@ -24,4 +24,4 @@ COPY /
CMD ["slapd", "-d", "32768"]
CMD ["slapd", "-d", "32768", "-u", "openldap", "-g", "openldap"]
set -e
chown openldap:openldap /var/lib/ldap/
chown -R openldap:openldap /var/lib/ldap/
if [[ ! -d /etc/ldap/slapd.d ]]; then
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