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# `crond` in docker
A `crond` running in a ocker container, separate from the system crond. The idea is: be able to run as many separate `crond` processes as you want.
## Usage
The process runs as the `cron` user. Every now and then a `sed` script is ran on whatever resides in `/etc/cron.d/` to fix most common problems with cronfiles.
It might make good sense to volume-mount the following directories:
- `/etc/cron.d/` (this has to be read-write, for `root`->`cron` user replacements)
- `/etc/cron.daily/` (can be read-only)
- `/etc/cron.weekly/` (can be read-only)
- `/etc/cron.hourly/` (can be read-only)
- `/etc/cron.monthly/` (can be read-only)
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